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Construction Estimating & Take-offs

Our client relationships are built on trust, confidentiality and ethics. From products to services our area of expertise range from: Construction Analytical Consulting +  Algorithm Development & Deployment + Cloud Collaboration , Administration, Procurement & Compliance Software + Construction Costing & Geographical Reporting + Construction Project Estimating Services + Value Engineering + Project & Portfolio Streamlining + Construction Calculating Spreadsheets


Few Words About Us

Founded on 3 generations of construction, development, planning, regulatory, and real estate experience. Built on client confidentiality, loyalty, trust, and ethics. Running on the evolution of our products and services offered to our clients. Our clients are our greatest asset and are cared for regardless of size directly by our CEO acting as a direct liaison regardless of the project size. No matter if the construction project is valued at $25,000 or $20,000,000 we have the tools, staff, technology, resources and affordability to make the difference needed and expected. Offering strategy, local presence, adaptability, and our level of intellectual representation is unrivaled. Construction projects in North America and Internationally have been completed or strategically setup through our services and products. Our construction estimating and costings services were our start and the rest of our products and services have been built on that solid foundation. We take numbers seriously. We take our customers even more seriously. Our clients take us in as a team member.


Why Us?

Why us? Whether you are a contractor, government agency, or a large project owner; AggreCost has the experience, solutions, sourcing, new technology, and custom development to implement or to tackle the objective for any budget. Our services often pay for themselves and quite frequently through our intellectual Value Engineering methods potentially save our contractors and project owners millions of dollars. Acting almost like an insurance policy we introduce strategies, organize procedures, analyze and spot risks whether its in the contracts, sites, specs, or drawings we have you covered.  From patent pending construction project calculators and breakdown tools to cloud project management, costing, streamlining and value engineering. Call and speak to our company and learn how we can help. Every client enjoys our custom secure “back of house” client cloud collaboration software tailored and branded to each client.




How Can We Help

From simple services to delicate; AggreCost’s services range from Construction Quantity Take-offs, Estimating & Costing, Research, Reporting, Value Engineering, Streamlining, Sourcing, CSI Specification Implementation, Location Selection, Feasibility, Product & Material Selection, Plan Consulting, Scheduling, Investigations and also now through our “Administrative Project Management Program” which automates and handles the whole project from concept and architectural collaboration, budgets, schedule of values, bid leveling, AggreCost leveling and cost verification reports, bid selection  recommendations and risks, schedules, contracts, change order verification and cost comparison, E Payments & Retainers,  to Streamlining with our Patent Pending Cloud Based Web Application. Whether you need turn key automated solutions or simple costing reports we have you covered no matter where the project is geographically and capable of both private and unionized situations.


Over 22,552 Projects Handled

Numbers. It's what we do...

New Cloud Based ``Project Concierge``

We are your Project Admin, Compliance Lawyer, Estimating Department, Streamliner, & Accountant (patents pending)

Your In Our Hands & Under Our Umbrella

No matter project size or scope our CEO is your direct Liason

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Our platforms, services, software, reports, and spreadsheets offer detail & internal checklists through checks & balancing to protect our client.

Cloud Based Project Management & Admin Services 

Architectural, Owner, AggreCost Collaboration

Bid Invites, Selection, Leveling, RFI, RFP, Contracts, Review, & Accounting Collaboration

Project Management, Change Order Costing Verification, Our Project Estimate Verification, Certificate Of Payments, Etc